Texturesworld.net Bricks Walls


The Textures World is site for designers for getting good quality non edited textures. Textures are taken from original grounds. Are free to edit and use.

Why textures are nead to use? Sometimes designers nead set good quality background to website or marketing materials and we know were is the situacion. More textures and backgrounds in internet are ready to use with Copy Rights for free or for credits. Textures are edited, have collors what we dont nead. Published materials have good lines, but after next edition lose quality.

TexturesWorld.net to give posibilities to download original files and we give you samples for inspiration to make good products. Samples are not posible to download yet, thats because our idea is – designers can do beter than take edited photos.

About posibilities to edit and use: realy in internet you can see more webs with walpapers with size 1800i, but no larger images. When designer want to make poster in size A1, the background is wery important to get good result. Usualy designers bay textures from stocks and good quality image 4650 x 4650 px price is high. We are giving 4608 x 2592 px downlods for free and its good size for A2 material.

Why to use TexturesWorld.net for designs? As interesting it is, we have only textures backgrounds and no more info. Our web will be your time saver in dayly work.

Use it as you need, bang up your ideas easy!

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