Mass VS power: how much rest between sets. What is the difference between a lifter and a bodybuilder? In the methodology, exercises, the number of sets and reps, you say. Mistake. Not at all in this. The whole difference is in different rest times between sets.

To “pump up the mass”, you need to rest 20-120 seconds, strength – 2-10 minutes.

Know the type of exercise, the number of repetitions and sets are not a key factor in bodybuilding. They become such a factor only in combination with a fixed value of the rest interval between sets.

Rest between sets is the most important training indicator that directs your efforts either towards the “mass” or towards strength.

For “strength”

Consider everything under a “scientific microscope.” Where does the muscle get energy for its contraction? Of myself. 2 substances give energy:

“Stored” directly in muscle fibers adenosine triphosphate (ATP);

phosphocreatine (FC).

But they are only enough for 30 seconds of muscle tension. Further other energy sources come into play – lactic acid and oxygen. True, the latter act much more slowly. And while they swing, ATP in the muscle manages to re-synthesize.

If you train exclusively explosive force, then you need to rest between sets exactly as much as is necessary for repeated accumulation in ATP muscles. For only ATP provides a powerful explosive (and not only) muscle contraction.

Two basic rules follow from this