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Useful properties, contraindications and the use of goji berries.

Goji is a plant whose birthplace is Tibet. It is a creeping evergreen shrub of the nightshade family. It has gray-green lanceolate leaves, five-pointed purple flowers. The plant gained its fame thanks to the fruits – red berries of an elongated shape, reaching a length of 12 mm, a width of 2 mm. Goji is called the Tibetan barberry. Fruiting lasts from May to October. Harvest 13 times.

The plant itself is considered poisonous, but the berries become edible after drying. Salty-sweet taste with a slight acidity resembles nightshade.

In China, they use fruits for healing purposes. They are called the longevity berry. In our country there are plants in appearance and properties resembling goji, but the most useful is the one that grows in the highlands of Tibet. The anti-cellulite properties of the product are also known.Composition

goji plant with fruits

Goji berries are rich in chemical elements, antioxidants, vitamins, which give healing properties to fruits.

Goja contains the following trace elements: zinc; iodine; selenium ; iron; calcium; phosphorus; potassium; germanium; magnesium; copper; Cobalt.

Germanium prevents the transformation of cells into cancerous. Therefore, goji is taken as an anti-cancer agent. Medicine has not yet confirmed the hypothesis of effects on DNA molecules. Magnesium and thiamine give antidepressant properties to goji berries .

The increased content of vitamin C increases the protective properties of the body, beta-carotene improves vision . B vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B9 are important in improving metabolism and normalizing the nervous system.

Vitamin E, found in excess in fruits, helps rejuvenate the body. A large amount of iron helps to increase hemoglobin.

goji berries, Unique properties are given to fruits: antioxidants; amino acids; polysaturated acids Omega-6, Omega-3; monosaccharides; polysaccharides.

Linoleic acid burns fat, which allows the use of fruits for weight loss.

Beneficial featuresIt is believed that taking one tablespoon of goji berries per day ensures the intake of all the necessary elements in the body, boosts immunity and protects against infection by viruses and infections.

The antioxidant properties of goji are known. Thanks to the binding of free radicals, the cells are purified and rejuvenated.

Eating improves blood composition, promotes the production of red and white blood cells.

The cyperone contained in the berries improves the functioning of the coronary arteries and heart muscle.

When taking berries, blood pressure returns to normal, blood vessels strengthen.

Polysaccharides normalize blood glucose, which helps to lower cholesterol and normalize sugar levels in the initial stage of diabetes.

The use of goji fruits increases the number of lymphocytes, which increases the protective properties of the body. Goja is superior in many antioxidants to many foods. Effects on the body: