If you want not just to pump up, but to have strong bones, normal pressure, a healthy heart and psyche, here you are

It’s far from news that bodybuilding has a positive effect on the human body. Our editors are interested in what exactly. Appealed to scientists from More University. And this is what they told us.

Age-related changes

After thirty, old age begins a frontal offensive. Suffice it to say that the body’s ability to absorb oxygen drops immediately by 10%, and in the future it will already decrease by about 10 percent every subsequent decade. The body begins to age from the age of 20, while hearing and vision begin to deteriorate from the age of 12.

Studies by scientists from More University have shown that regular exercise with weights has a pronounced anti-aging effect. Bodybuilding stops the “normal” drop in metabolic rate in middle age, especially in combination with a diet that limits fat intake. By the way, the effect is universal. In the elderly people aged 60 to 96 years who were involved in the experiment, who had never before been engaged in bodybuilding, training caused a surge of vitality. They added up to 15% of muscle mass, and physical strength increased by 180-200 percent.

The cardiovascular system

Bodybuilding trains the heart muscle. The strength of the heart and its volume increase sharply. The heart gains the ability to pump up to 42 liters of blood per minute! The walls of the vessels become elastic. Small peripheral capillaries come to life, gradually fading with age.


Bodybuilding normalizes blood pressure and, apparently, can be a good medicine for those whose blood pressure rises from time to time for no apparent reason. Bodybuilders, in spite of ultra-high loads, are practically not threatened by jumps in blood pressure, since training “leaches” the excess cholesterol in the vessels.

Low heart rate and stable blood pressure – this is the norm that a bodybuilder carries in himself until old age.

Healthy psyche

Weighted exercises, like long-distance running, help get rid of depression – a disease that seems to be becoming the scourge of modern civilization. Studies have shown that during training, the brain secretes special chemicals called antidepressants. In addition, bodybuilding in itself is a source of strong positive emotions, because every day they bring you closer to the desired ideal.